Wart Removal Treatment

Wart Removal Surgery in Surat

Wart Removal Treatment – Dr. Navadiya renowned and certified Cosmetic Dermatologist with extensive skill and experience in Wart Removal Treatment. Wart removal is a most common procedure in cosmetic dermatology practice. He and his team of experts possesses a keen eye for aesthetics to achieve optimum results. At Navadiya Skin Care Clinic we offer the treatment for customer’s safety, privacy, satisfaction and comfort. We are highly trained doctors and well qualified staff for a complete new you. The most common warts disappear without treatment, although it may take a year or two and new ones may grow nearby. Some people choose to have warts treated by a doctor because home treatment does not work and the warts are bothersome, spread, or are a cosmetic problem.

Wart Removal can be a challenge, but fortunately, the most effective treatments are the least invasive. Doctors usually start with the least painful methods, especially when treating young children. Treatment can take weeks or months. Even with treatment, warts tend to recur or spread. The doctor may suggest one of the following approaches, depending on the position of your warts, your symptoms and your preferences. These methods are sometimes used in conjunction with home treatments, such as salicylic acid.

Wart Removal Surgery

Wart Removal Surgery by Dr. Navadiya - Best Dermatologist in Surat. Wart may be painful and cause other inconvenience in some cases. Some of warts many be cancerous and these will require immediate excision to reduce the probability of metastasis. As the removal surgery can be hurting and cause some uneasiness, normally our dermatologist apply anesthetic on the warts and its surrounding skin to lighten the pain. Conditional on the type of warts, age of patient and other factors, our dermatologist may adapt the removal method for customers consequently. Warts removal surgery is done to get free from those warts purely for cosmetic reasons, ie to enhance your looks and physical appearance. Surgical procedures are safe in the hands of a trained and experienced medical practitioner.